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Partner with an expert

We have a solid 25-year legacy of establishing and achieving financial objectives and creating trusted relationships. Over time, we have successfully weathered many market cycles by maintaining a solid, long-term investment perspective and a disciplined approach to meeting client objectives and expectations.

Make informed decisions

Our goal is to untangle financial complexities and develop an accessible, realistic plan to meet your goals and your lifestyle. Through proactive consultation, we help you make smart decisions.

Benefit from individual attention

We are hands-on in our approach to meeting your personal financial needs. From the start of our relationship, our goal is to gain a detailed understanding of your expectations, from investment performance to client service. We encourage frequent emails and phone calls, and meet quarterly to discuss your plan and portfolio.

Secure a strategy that meets your goals

As an independent investment advisor, we make decisions based on your best interests. We take an active approach to understanding your needs, establishing individual benchmarks, choosing investments that meet your strategy, and striving to surpass your goals through responsible asset stewardship.

Associate with a fiduciary-responsible partner*

We take a structured, prudent approach to managing and implementing your investment decisions. As a responsible fiduciary partner, we follow the Global Standard of Excellence to further ensure we are working in your best interests. Specifically, as investment stewards, we have the legal responsibility to manage your money. As investment advisors, we are responsible for managing comprehensive and continuous investment decisions on your behalf. And as investment managers, we can be given discretion to select specific securities for your accounts. We do not take our role or responsibility lightly, but instead, strictly follow clearly outlined and documented practices that promote fiduciary accountability.